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Hollywood’s Connections to Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

(Source: eonline.com)

Hollywood loves a good romance—particularly a royal one. 

For decades, members of the royal family have been a subject of pop culture fascination for fans across the pond. From Princess Diana‘s headline and movie-sparking life and death to one of Hollywood’s very own, Meghan Markle, becoming an official duchess just months ago, Tinseltown has long felt connected to the happenings of England’s monarchy. 

Now, with Princess Eugenie‘s wedding to Jack Brooksbank a mere day away, that American fervor for a royal fairytale has once again been ignited. As royal enthusiasts await the first images of the 28-year-old bride’s gown or the swoon-worthy kiss that is bound to take place after they tie the knot, there is also curiosity about whether any non-royal famous faces will end up attending akin to Prince Harry and Markle’s May nuptials. 

While we’ll know the answer to that question in mere hours, there are a few celebrity elements we can expect for Eugenie and Jack’s big day. 

Drumroll please!

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