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Dax Shepard Blasts Tabloid Story About His Sex Life With Kristen Bell

(Source: eonline.com)

Dax Shepard is here to say his sex life with his wife Kristen Bell is just fine, thanks.

The Armchair Expert podcast host posted a screenshot on Instagram today of a tabloid requesting a comment from the actor about potentially “having a threesome” with someone. The email read, “Star is working on a story in which a source says that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have discussed having a threesome and toyed with other kinky things, like S&M and role playing. Sources say that Kristen believes this is insurance against marital meltdown.”

He was given a deadline of 12:00 p.m. EST on Thursday to  comment. Instead of replying to the email (which he may have done), he blasted the story and called it “bulls–t.” He wrote, “The only offensive thing about this bulls–t story is that @kristenanniebell isn’t doing all this kinkiness out of horniness, but rather a desperate attempt to save her marriage. I think we all know Bell is a lot more gangster than that.”

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