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Championship under threat as Leeds United owner calls for ‘Premier League 2’ in rebellion over share of TV cash

(Source: telegraph.co.uk)

Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani believes his club are being shortchanged by the English Football League’s broadcast deal with Sky Sports and thinks it is time to create a Premier League 2.

The EFL’s current deal with Sky is worth almost £90 million a season but will rise to £120m a season between 2019-2024.

Championship clubs get the lion’s share of that, as they do with the money the Premier League gives the EFL in solidarity payments, but this only adds up to about £7m for each club.

The top flight’s clubs, however, get at least £100m from the league’s domestic and international broadcast deals.

Radrizzani, who bought Leeds in 2017, thinks this gulf is too wide.

Speaking at the Leaders Sport Business Summit in London, the 44-year-old Italian said: “The model of the Championship should be reconsidered because to keep changing owners every one, two, three years is not a fair system for the fans, for the clubs.

“It is really not sustainable to stay in the Championship, there are huge gaps between clubs coming down from the Premier League with parachute payments to the other teams on lower budgets. And the money generated from TV rights is small because it is split between 72 clubs.

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