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6 cool brands stocking colourful printed socks you’ll want to show off

(Source: buro247.sg)

Time to pull your socks up

When Wiz Khalifa has a collaboration with Swedish brand Happy Socks, you know it’s time to pay attention to your sock game. And by pay attention, we mean consciously add them to your styling repertoire, not just haphazardly roll them on out of necessity right before you dash out the door. Note: there’s a difference between crazy socks and fancy statement socks. Yes to bright colours, geometric patterns and tongue-in-cheek messages; no to superman logos or sailboats. Unless, you own a yacht or its equivalent, then we rest our case.

Your monochromatic everyday socks can wait for laundry days. Just like your choice of tie and pocket square (if you’re into menswear), or of belt and scarf (if you shop womenswear), socks can be a fun (and relatively inexpensive) way to show off your personality and add interest to a basic outfit since they are versatile enough to be paired with shorts, jeans or suits — skirts or pants. Don’t even think about wearing “no-socks” socks, aka nude socks that cut just so they hide under your ballet flats, pumps and brogues. Do we need to say they’re horrendous when (not if, but when) they make a peekaboo appearance? By the number of times we see it happening on a daily basis, it appears we do.

Instead, take a page out of the street style stars’ style book and mash up colours, prints and textures with some of our suggestions below. Rules are for the boring. And you darling, are anything but.

Darner mesh socks in Tulip Floral

Ganni Classon Embroidery socks in Daisy

Happy Socks Andy Warhol Banana socks

Paul Smith Coral 'Daisy' Glitter socks

Stance Classic Crew Anaconda socks

Holisocks in Qin

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