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5 Reasons Channing Tatum and Jessie J Make Total Sense as a Couple

(Source: eonline.com)

1. She Likes a Guy Who Can Make Her Laugh: In an interview with Cosmo UK in 2014, the British singer opened up about finding her dream man. “I’m still finding my feet in love. Maybe America is the place I’ll meet the man of my dreams?” Jessie said, seemingly predicting her romance with Channing. “My mum and dad have been together 36 years and they’ve shown me what real love is like. When you have that to look up to, you know you have to get it right. I like a guy who can make me laugh.”

2. He Admires Her Talent: “He’s known her for a while and always thought she was very talented,” our insider shared of the new couple. Channing and Jessie have both been in the entertainment industry for years and they actually shared a friendly hug at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, where she and Mark Wahlberg presented him with the Best Comedic Performance award.

3. They’re Both Performers: While Channing has showed off his dancing skills in movies like Magic Mike and Step Up, Jessie shows off her singing and dancing abilities in her performances and music videos.

4. His Work Schedule Is Working for Them: According to IMDB, Channing is not currently in production on any films, which allows time for him to travel and watch Jessie perform while she’s on tour.

5. They’ve Both Had Relationships in the Public Eye: It was about six months ago that Channing and Jenna Dewan announced their split after eight years of marriage, while Jessie J was previously in a longterm relationship with singer Luke James. So they both know what it’s like to have a relationship with someone also in the entertainment industry and how to go about having a romance in the public eye.

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