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26 things to do in San Francisco this autumn

(Source: sf.curbed.com)

Welcome to Curbed SF’s pocket guide, a map of 26 essential things to do in San Francisco, hand selected by our editors. We update this map seasonally, focusing on architecture, cultural institutions, the outdoors, and gorgeous spaces.

After a glacial summer in the city, fall has presented itself with even more fog and overcast. In other words, the perfect San Francisco autumn. We have picked many outdoor areas for the season of spiced pumpkin treats. Earth-hued flora. Urban hikes. Ideas for redesigning your home. These are just a few of the fun things to do in the city.

Of course, our fall season is prefaced by a couple of weeks of sweltering weather, usually in mid- to late-October. Something to keep in mind.

Some are familiar friends, some are recent discoveries, and others you may have stayed away from because they are for tourists. All of theses spots have this in common: They are worth visiting again and again.

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