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10+ Cats Living On The ‘If It Fits, I Sits’ Principle

(Source: purrworld.com)

If there’s something your cat never gets tired of, it would be boxes. Any kind of box or box-like object, from pizza box to the waste basket, is enough to sweep your cat off his feet. They’d place themselves in these boxes again and again, until they no longer look like boxes.

It may be a little hard to understand this behavior, but there’s actually two main reasons for this. First, your cat may look silly, but the feline races are all predators, so boxes are great hiding place (if they do hide) to stalk victims (including you). Therefore, cats feel safe and secure in enclosed spaces, and some researches suggest that boxes even decrease feline stress levels. Second, curling up in small places helps them preserve body hear. The thermoneutral zone for a domestic cat is 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 20 degrees higher than ours. Therefore, getting into a tiny box serves as a smart heat-preserving method.

Tell us if you know more about this. Now, scroll down for cats hiding in their bases.

#1 Feels like a baby kangaroo.

#2 “Try me.”

#3 Cat salad.

#4 Let’s hope that thing is not smelly.

#5 Is that even enough?

#6 Cat in a bowl.

#7 Chalice of cat.


#9 Fave bucket.

#10 Lookin’ creamy there.

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