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10+ Adorable Cat Comics From A Russian Artist That Are Totally Accurate

(Source: purrworld.com)

Lingvistov is back with a new batch of comics. This time the group gives us a sneak peak of the life with cats. Yeah, although it is glorified by various wholesome post on the Internet, living with a cat means a life full of blood, tears, and… lint. Nevertheless, we all know that life is about trade offs, we are ready to tackle any trouble that the felines bring, and we love them regardless. Now scroll down to enjoy some of the fresh comics!

More info: Facebook | Instagramlingvistov.com

#1 This is how it works!

#2 Bathing is a real challenge for the both of you…

#3 …after which you need to be ready for war.

#4 The feline species is incredibly graceful.

#5 Sleeping with your cat be like:

#6 …because there’s no other comfortable place to sit than on you.

#7 Or because you were the one who took their bed away.

#8 No one will fall asleep untill your cat does.

#9 It’s impossible to overcome your passion for cats’ paws.

#10 “I’d rather stand at the door and wait untill you open it. And won’t come in.”

More Info: purrworld.com

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