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We Love Ah Lians. Or So We Think.

(Source: ricemedia.co)

“I still prefer a ah Lian as a salesperson. They are very down to earth people.”

“Props to the lady in the video for her selling skills and attitude. She’ll go far if she put her mind to it.”

“She’s speaking unpretentious authentic Singapore street Singlish and is trying to make an honest living.”

These are just some of the more than 4,000 comments that recent viral video sensation, “Funniest Ah Lian Salesperson”, received.

The recorded Facebook Live video featured an ‘ah lian’ selling a hole-styled t-shirt. In her sales pitch, she claimed the shirt was super useful because people could place an S-hook into any of the holes on the t-shirt to hold their numerous belongings, from EZ-link card pouches to food packets.  

During S-Hook Ah Lian’s (whose real name is Lerine Yeo) YES 933 interview today, she further shared that her idea was inspired by hairdressers and renovation contractors who “hook things”.

So far, S-Hook Ah Lian has been praised for her ingenious sales tactics, her informal speaking style, and her refreshing ‘authenticity’. As one commenter mused, the woman was the ideal salesperson: she gave no shits about what people thought of her, as long as she could sell her product.

Recall that earlier this month, local twitter sensation @SharonLiew86 made waves with her infuriatingly ignorant tweets. Even though @SharonLiew86 is a parody of the quintessential unenlightened Singaporean, her ah lian persona and brutal irreverence resonated among netizens. Most importantly, she didn’t bother with ‘political correctness’, boldly espousing racist views.

Within a few tweets, @SharonLiew86 established herself as the antithesis to the stereotypical meek, obedient, and cautious Singaporean afraid to speak their mind.

We are thoroughly fascinated with S-Hook Ah Lian, @SharonLiew86, and any other ah lian, because they dare to do and say the things that we don’t. In short, we want so badly to be them.

However, as admirable as they may be, their current fame begs the question: viral videos and tweets aside, does Singaporean society actually embrace ah lians for who they are?

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