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Ben Affleck Successfully Completes 30 Days Of Rehab & Is ‘Doing Much Better’: Is He Done With Treatment?

(Source: hollywoodlife.com)

Ben Affleck just achieved an incredible milestone in his recovery: 30 days of rehab. Does that mean he’s done with treatment for good? We have the details.

First and foremost, congratulations to Ben Affleck for completing 30 days in rehab. That’s a major accomplishment and a big step in his road to recovery. While the Batman star has been seen at his home in Los Angeles, and reportedly doing “much better,” he’s not done with treatment for his problems with alcohol, says a source who spoke to PEOPLE. In fact, Ben, 46, was spotted at his Malibu treatment center on Sunday, September 23. He’s fully invested in his health and sobriety.

“He is doing much better but needs to continue receiving care,” the anonymous source said. “As difficult as it was to have his recent trip to rehab all play out so publicly, it now seems the way it happened was for the best.” Ben has been to rehab before, in 2001. He announced in March 2017 that he had treatment for alcohol addiction. His ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, was seen driving him to rehab last month while he sat in the backseat eating Jack in the Box. Fans were concerned when he was spotted at home again just two weeks after entering rehab, but, as HollywoodLife confirmed, he’s going to and from his home to work out. Whenever he’s home, he’s accompanied by a coach and a therapist.

He’s committed to getting things right this time! “Ben seems to take this rehab visit more seriously,” the source told PEOPLE. “This time is different. He doesn’t want his kids to have to go through this again. Ben is really trying very hard to get better. He is taking things day by day, but it seems he plans on staying at the treatment center for at least a couple of more weeks.”

HollywoodLife reached out to Ben Affleck’s rep for comment but did not immediately hear back.

More Info: hollywoodlife.com

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