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Fujifilm plans leukemia treatment trials using iPS cells

(Source: japantoday.com)

Fujifilm Corp is aiming to start clinical trials next year using artificially derived stem cells to prevent serious complications following bone marrow transplants to treat leukemia, company officials said.

The camera and medical equipment maker, which has been expanding its pharmaceuticals business, will apply for government permission for the trials by the end of March. It would be the first Japanese company to conduct such trials, which could help accelerate the use of induced pluripotent stem cells.

Fujifilm will then aim to start selling products made from iPS cells in 2022 at the earliest, the officials said.

In the trials, Fujifilm plans to inject mesenchymal stem cells generated from iPS cells in individuals with acute graft-versus-host disease in order to prevent immune cells in transplanted marrow from attacking their bodies. About 1,000 people develop the disease every year in Japan.

Cynata Therapeutics Ltd, an Australian medical venture in which Fujifilm holds a stake, has started similar trials in Britain, with some individuals having fully recovered, they said.

Fujifilm will apply Cynata Therapeutics’ techniques to the clinical trials in Japan.


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