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Pedestrians Swept Off Their Feet And Slammed Into Wall As They Battle 110 Mph Typhoon Mangkhut

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Shocking video footage from East Asia shows the battering that much of the area is currently facing, as typhoon Mangkhut tears through – nicknamed by Chinese media as the ‘King of the Storms’.

Considered the strongest storm of this year, the typhoon has killed as many as 49 in the Philippines, where landslides caused by heavy rain have been affecting the area.

In Hong Kong, authorities issued the maximum alert, warning people to stay indoors – with winds reportedly reaching more than 110mph (177kph).

According to the BBC, officials have said the number of injured sits at 111, and more than 800 flights have been cancelled at Hong Kong International Airport, affecting over 100,000 passengers.

A fallen tree in Hong Kong. Credit: PA

A fallen tree in Hong Kong. Credit: PA

“It’s the worst I’ve seen,” local Martin Wong told Reuters.

“I’ve not seen the roads flood like this, (and) the windows shake like this, before.”

But it seems not everyone has taken the advice to stay inside and buckle up.

“I went running this morning. I love fresh air and there’s no one on the streets, no cars. On normal days we can’t see this,” Hong Kong resident Hao Chen told the AFP news agency.

One Twitter user, @WizDayTrader, also shared a video clip of people on the streets in Hong Kong, writing: “If you thought Florence was bad… check out Cat5 #Mangkhut in Hong Kong right now.”

In the footage, you can see someone get pushed into the wall by the strong winds, while another is struggling to get their feet.

Many people commented to question why people had gone out in such adverse conditions, with one writing: “We had a week of warning and yet people are so moronic to go for a walk.”

A second added: “Who in their right mind would go out in that howling wind?!?”

Someone else asked: “Who are those two idiots outside?”

However, other Twitter users had a little more sympathy, referring to the scenes as ‘awful’

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

“Please let these poor people be rescued,” one person wrote.

“I hope they survived being bashed into a concrete wall like that,” another said, adding: “And somehow made it out of that. So heartbreaking to see.”

@WizDayTrader also posted a second video, adding: “Heart goes out to everyone enduring thru this.”

It is thought that Mangkhut will weaken into a tropical depression by Tuesday, as it moves inland. In the meantime, our thoughts go out those affected – stay safe.

Featured Image Credit: @WizDayTrader/Twitter

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