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‘Punching Above Your Weight’ Dude Wins £1 Million On Scratchcard

(Source: www.ladbible.com)

It looks like the luck is in again for the dude who bagged top spot in the ‘Punching Above Your Weight’ competition, as he’s now gone and won £1 million on a Lottery scratchcard.

Darren Donaghey, 33, bought the £5 scratchcard earlier this week on a whim when he went down the local shop to buy some milk. Lo and behold, he ended up bagging the jackpot. Some people just have all the luck.

Darren and his wife Kate, 28, made the headlines back in 2014 when they entered and won a Metro Radio competition in which couples were voted on their unbalanced looks. Kate and Darren were voted for the most in the ‘Punching Above Your Weight’ contest and ended up winning a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

It’s perhaps a strange way to make your name, but if there’s a dream holiday in it, whatever.

Four years later and they’re making the news again, this time with even better news thanks to the Lottery cash-in, which they plan on spending on a larger house for them and their two kids.

They’re both over the moon that they can now move out of their two-bed in Newcastle to a larger property, which they also plan on fitting with a quiet sensory room fit with bubble lamps for their children, both of whom have autism and are ‘non-verbal’.

The couple also plan on donating a chunk of the money to support autism charities that have helped them. He may not have the looks, but he’s obviously nice on the inside.

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

According to The Metro, Kate couldn’t believe it when Darren came home with the news, especially since her brother had previously pranked her into believing he’d won the Lottery.

When she finally found out the win was legit, she burst into tears as she realised what it meant for her family. Darren is now even thinking of giving up his job as a call centre supervisor in order to spend more time with Kate and the kids.

He said: “We are currently in a two bedroom house and desperately need more room for the children – now all of our dreams have come true with this win.

“We can move to a new home, which is bigger and with more bedrooms and even create a sensory room for our daughter and son.”

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

It looks like this couple’s winning streak is far from over and that’s a good thing – they most certainly deserve all the good fortune that comes their way.

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