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Iggy Azalea Slams Eminem’s Diss Track And Gets Ripped To Shreds

(Source: www.ladbible.com)

Another twist to the ongoing tale of Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly has arrived in the unexpected shape of Iggy Azalea, who decided to chime in on the debate by daring to criticise Eminem’s reply to MGK’s ‘Rap Devil’. Bold move, we think you’ll agree.

As many of you will have already seen, Eminem released diss track ‘Killshot’ yesterday in response to MGK’s ‘Rap Devil’. Which itself was a response to Marshall Mathers taking aim at the 28-year-old rapper on his new album, Kamikaze. Which was fuelled by ongoing feud sparked all the way back in 2012 when MGK called Em’s daughter Hailie “hot as fuck”.

In other words, this beef’s got layers.

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

There are lots of people who have lots of opinions about the hip-hop saga, although perhaps none have generated quite as much backlash as Iggy’s, who was named dropped in the track with the following lyrics:

“Got more fans than you in your own city, lil’ kiddy, go play, feel like I’m babysitting Lil Tay, got the Diddy okay so you spent your whole day,

“Shootin’ a video just to fuckin’ dig your own grave, got you at your own wake. I’m the billy goat, you ain’t never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay, next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow.”

Them’s the lyrics, now check out Iggy’s response:

Diss songs shouldn’t be filled with celebrity name drops to pad out lazy bars.
– IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) September 14, 2018

For a woman who hasn’t exactly enjoyed the most acclaimed rapping career, that’s one heck of a bold statement. Ten minutes later, the rapper took to Twitter again to explain herself:

And that’s my unbiased opinion from a girl that watched this guys set and sung the words in the crowd. I’d think it regardless.
One of the greatest to do it, I’m NOT in dispute about that. But I do think the name dropping thing has become a crotch.
– IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) September 14, 2018

Another ten minutes and Iggy was back at it with another explanatory tweet:

Also let’s talk about why it’s lazy now; but wasn’t in the earlier work.
The earlier stuff was crazy, twisted and creative.
This stuff feels more like picking names that fit easily into a rhyme scheme. ‍♀️
– IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) September 14, 2018

Needless to say, her comments went down like a pube sandwich and she’s since been obliterated by the Twittersphere:

Iggy said Eminem had “lazy bars”. Let’s not forget this shit though!!! #KILLSHOT pic.twitter.com/CK1ccwctJD
– Mamba Out :v::v: (@LakerChick_Kee) September 14, 2018

Listen Iggy…Em can’t destroy your career, you don’t have one#KILLSHOT https://t.co/lyGa9YAB2M
– Eminem News (@Eminem_News__) September 14, 2018

Ouch. Well done internet, you can sit down now.

Whatever side you’re on in this whole ordeal, surely we can all agree that at a time when chart-based hip-hop is all fast cars, makin’ money and getting laid, the Eminem vs. MGK beef has made rapping fun again. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store next.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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