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Five-Month-Old Puppy Poisoned by Meth Left in Hotel

(Source: www.ladbible.com)

A dog in the US state of Iowa has been rushed to the vets after being exposed to crystal meth.

Kingsley, a five-month-old puppy from Missouri, began exhibiting signs of strange behaviour on Thursday night while in a hotel room in Des Moines.

His owner rushed him to Iowa Veterinary Specialities, where he was treated for exposure to methamphetamine. The poor wee thing presumably didn’t know whether he was coming or going.

Look at him, as well. He’s adorable.

Credit: ViralHog

Credit: ViralHog

“Head bobbing, tremoring, agitation. Not mentally appropriate for a healthy puppy,” said Dr Leah Brass of Iowa Veterinary Specialties.

“He was probably exposed to amphetamine. His presenting signs were very typical for amphetamine exposure in dogs.”

Kingsley was in town for a dog show, but instead found himself in the 24-hour vet. He is now recovering, but was unable to compete at the dog show.

“Based on the timing of the symptoms, it was likely at the hotel,” said his owner, Matthew Palmer, who claims that he found a “muffin crumb size” piece of meth in the room in which they were staying at the Days Inn in Des Moines.

Police tested the substance and confirmed that it contained trace elements of methamphetamine. Kingsley obviously wasn’t to know that though – he’s not a drug-sniffing dog.

Credit: ViralHog

Credit: ViralHog

“Unfortunately, I think it’s a sign of the times that you would have to be worried about this,” added Matthew.

With methamphetamine use rampant in parts of the United States, the risks posed to animals who unwittingly consume it are severe. Even a very small amount can be lethal if a dog gets into it. Kingsleys actually very lucky that he’s still here.

That’s just one more of many reasons to give the crystal meth a wide swerve.

Matthew continued: “I travelled from Missouri to Iowa to participate in a dog show with my Golden Retriever, Merlin, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Kingsley. We checked into the Days Inn, Clive, Iowa location. Shortly after checking in, my five-month-old puppy, Kingsley, displayed symptoms of severe agitation and distress.”

He added: “I decided to take him to a local 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic, who said it was likely he ingested some sort of stimulant narcotic, such as methamphetamine or cocaine. I returned to the hotel and searched the room for possible substances that he might have ingested.

“I found a small, powdery, white crumb located next to the food bowl that had blended with the carpet. I called local police who arrived and tested the substance. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine.”

Poor old Kingsley. At least he’s on the mend now.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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