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Where to find handmade pasta in Singapore

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Revisiting the romanticism of flour, water and a hardy rolling pin

The makings of a great Italian joint always circles back to authenticity; a foundation of hard work where there’s no such thing as shortcuts. We’re talking flour to dough, hours of kneading and slightly marred pastas that you won’t find in vacuum packets at your local supermarket. The pay off often means a fresh bowl of al dente strips, tossed in a sublime mixture. Although funnily enough, when the pasta is fresh, the condiments tend to take a backseat. So call us snobs (we don’t care), for favouring the value of handmade pastas. If you care as much as we do, take note of our favourite spots. 


The unassuming shophouse space at Kandahar Street is one of those touted restaurants that you have heard via word of mouth, mainly because, you don’t need glowing advertisements when your food is this good and honest. Cicheti (pronounced Chi-Keh-Tee) prides on churning out their offerings fresh — be it the seafood, pastas or pizzas from their wood-fired oven.

Hero dish: Orecchiette with fennel sausage

Handmade pasta in Singapore

Publico Ristorante 

Fashioned like the al fresco piazzas dotting Italy’s coastline, Publico at InterContinental Robertson Quay is the ideal place to unwind with your closest crew on a Friday night. As much as we adore their wood-fired pizzas and outstanding starters, their pastas have won a special place in our hearts. Think twirls of al dente noodles dabbled with piquant spices and sauces.  

Hero dish: Lobster spaghetti

Handmade pasta in Singapore

Bella Pasta

Bella Pasta is no stranger to folks who love their Italian food, and boasts a good waterfront view if you decide to dine al fresco. The sister restaurant of Bella Pizza (the pizza-heavy alternative to the brand) pride themselves on their pastas being freshly made everyday. From shells to flat ribbons to cannelloni — you name it, they have it.    

Hero dish: Homemade egg pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach in tomato sauce with melted mozzarella and fresh basil  

The Cliff at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa 

Despite its breezy revamp last year, The Cliff at Sofitel Singapore is still very much about hearty Italian fare. Fortunately. Their new menu showcases a stellar selection of modern and rustic delights while putting a delicate spin on fresh produce. To add to that experience? A panoramic view of the South China Sea. Some call The Cliff one of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore.

Hero dish: Spaghetti “alla Chitarra” with smoky lobster

The Cliff at Sofitel Sentosa

Pizza Express

Surprise, surprise. You can in fact, tuck into a freshly made bowl of pasta from a place called Pizza Express. Turns out flat dough circles aren’t the only thing that the UK-chain excels in. Disclaimer: Not all pastas are made from scratch, so we definitely recommend ordering the ones that are rolled with a little more TLC. 

Hero dish: Garganelli with asapargus, butternut squash and fresh mozzarella

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