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Swiss Otaku Plans to Move to Japan After Customs Confiscates 66 Pounds of Manga

(Source: nextshark.com)

Switzerland’s “most perverted” otaku has once again taken the spotlight after he revealed that Swiss customs officials confiscated about 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of doujinshi (self-published) manga.

Yes or no? pic.twitter.com/yEnxGt288d

— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) August 18, 2018

Melonpan (@MeidocafeR) went to Japan this summer for a trip and possibly attended Comiket, the largest gathering in the country for doujinshi.

His purchases ended up going over the airline’s baggage weight limit, SoraNews24 reported.

この前の日本旅行で合計30㌔の同人誌(大半がロリ物)を船便でスイスに送っておいたんだけど、今日税関から没収の旨を知らせる通告が届いて近日弁明しないといけないらしい。もう一度税関の皆さんにジャパニーズ・アートの素晴らしさを理解してもらえるよう、みんなも祈っててね!豚箱はもうゴメンだよ。 pic.twitter.com/RthrcfyO2q

— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) August 15, 2018

So he decided to ship all of the items back home to Switzerland. But the move caused more problems for the otaku.

On my recent trip to Japan, I mailed 30 kilograms of dojinshi (mostly loli), but today customs told me they’ve confiscated it and I must come in soon to explain myself. Everyone, please pray once again that the customs officials will be able to understand the wonderfulness of Japanese art! I’m tired of being in the slammer,” Melonpan wrote on Twitter.

いよいよ雲行きが怪しくなってきた…ボク担当の職員が変態文化にまるで容赦がないような女性で、何故かロリ物が尚更ダメみたいだ。ボクの変態紳士道もここまでか。怖いよー pic.twitter.com/pqqDHbhPez

— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) August 16, 2018

In a follow-up post the next day, Melonpan said he tried to convince Swiss authorities that loli, which usually shows pre-teen girls in rather provocative poses and situations, is harmless.

The situation isn’t looking good. It’s like the female official handling my case has no tolerance whatsoever for hentai culture, and is even stricter about loli stuff. Is this as far as my hentai gentlemanliness will take me? I’m scared,” he said.


— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) August 16, 2018

Melonpan then tweeted, “Time to move to Japan.” He followed it up with an English post saying, “Goodbye Switzerland.”

Goodbye Switzerland.

— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) August 16, 2018

After all the effort, it seems that he managed to convince Swiss customs officials. In a social media update, Melonpan said he finally got his doujinshi back.

延々と堂々巡りを繰り返した後、漸く官憲にボクの熱弁が届いた!「同人誌は守るべき文化であり、製作上で実在する人物への危害は一切加えられていない」ってことに落ち着いた。それでは諸君!ロリ同人誌がいっぱい詰まっている袋がボクを待っている! pic.twitter.com/fl3ih6hEQQ

— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) August 18, 2018

Melonpan’s dedication to his otaku lifestyle first made headlines back in April when he was fired after his boss discovered his Twitter account, which contains Not Safe for Work posts of anime girls.

Featured Image via Twitter / MeidocafeR

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