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3 siblings killed in Malaysia while making surprise trip home

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

LIPIS, Pahang: Three siblings who wanted to make a surprise trip back to their home village were killed when the vehicle they were travelling in crashed into a lorry in Malaysia on Monday (Aug 20).

Thirty-nine-year-old Mimi Suziana, her 24-year-old sister Norfasmida and their 16-year-old brother Ahmad Faris were bound for Kampung Keluat Baris, Kubur Besar in Bachok, Kelantan when they crashed at Jalan Lipis-Merapoh-Gua Musang near Padang Tengku in Pahang.

The three were pronounced dead at the scene after their rented Perodua Viva crashed into a lorry at about 9.50am.

Nur Farah Farahainsah Jaafar, 21, a friend of Norfasmida’s who was travelling with the siblings, was also killed.

According to the siblings’ sister Mimi Suzaini Mohamed, who did not go on the trip, the trip was a surprise visit. ​​​​​​​Norfasmida was on a break from the National Youth Skills Institute in Pekan.

“I told them to go ahead as I have two children,” said Mimi Suzaini.

At 6.30am, Norfasmida sent her a WhatsApp message telling her they had left.    

“At around 9am, I contacted Norfasmida to find out where were they but there was no reply,” said Mimi Suzaini.

She said that this made her feel uneasy, as Norfasmida was very quick with her replies. In addition, her calls to Mimi Suziana and Ahmad Faris went unanswered.

Her hunch that something bad had happened was confirmed when she received news at 11.30am from a brother in their home village that her siblings had died.

“We (were to have) a gathering during the coming raya celebration after not meeting for almost a year,” she said. “Norfasmida, being the most active one, had planned various activities for the family.”

She added that the three siblings’ bodies would be buried in their home village.

According to Lipis district police chief Azri Akmar Ayob, the 25-year-old lorry driver claimed he had spotted the car entering his side of the road and sounded his horn repeatedly, but the car kept going towards the lorry, forcing him to brake and pull to the left of the road.

“But the car knocked onto the right front side of the lorry and was badly wrecked,” he said.

He added that the lorry driver and an attendant were not hurt, and that a urine sample had been taken from the driver for tests.

More Info: www.channelnewsasia.com

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