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The Coconuts guide to the freshest concerts in Singapore (Aug-Sep 2018)

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Bird up, fam. 2018 is (and has been) such a bumper crop for live music, and already there are so many crucial gigs and concerts to catch in the next two months — an awesome problem to have, really. Word on the street is that late-year music festival Neon Lights will be making a return too, but that remains unverified.

Me, I can’t pull myself together to dedicate full articles for each of the many, many live music events that’ll be happening in Singapore soon. But since I’m the office’s designated music curator (hit me up for my Soundcloud link), I’ve assigned myself to educate y’all about the gigs that should be on your radar. Feel free to randomly drop the names of these events in passing conversations — trust me, it’ll make you look “Hip,” “Cool,” “In The Know” and, to a certain extent, “Annoying AF.”

So! Check out the extensive list of upcoming shows below, and ping us if we’ve missed any — we’ll update this article as news comes in about other good gigs. Don’t sleep on this list…

Baybeats (Aug 17-19)

What is it: Only the biggest music festival that features the region’s top indie and alternative acts. It’s three whole days of free live music at the Esplanade, including Singapore’s own grindcore trio Wormrot, hip-hop up-and-comers Yung Raja x Fariz Jabba, as well as a whole lot of bands from Malaysia, Indonesia and beyond. Special shout-out to EMONIGHTSG, which will be having their second anniversary for a big bash filled with emo tunes from yore.

Go if you: Want a hearty dose of the local music scene without paying a cent.

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Yasmin (Aug 18)

Who is she: It’s ladies night — and we don’t mean just free drinks for women. British singer, songwriter and DJ Yasmin Zarine Shahmir has been at it since 2006, getting spots with the likes of N.E.R.D, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and more. Kilo Lounge resident Amy Dabbs to join in, too.

Go if you: Want a night of British beats on the dance floor.

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Paramore (Aug 21)

Who are they: They’re the soundtrack to your angsty teenage years, if you were an angsty teenager. Their early years were defined by emo-rific tunes driven by red-haired vocal powerhouse Hayley Williams, but now they’ve gone on a more happier alt-rock route, sans that iconic red hair.

Go if you: Want to relive your formative music years with kids who never knew that they used to cover At The Drive-In.

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Boyzone (Aug 21)

Who are they: One of the most successful boybands from Ireland, hitting the top of numerous music charts back in the ‘90s. They broke up by the time we entered a new millennium, but have reunited since ’07 to just tour and recapture the fame of their wonder years. The aging boyband will (finally) split for good after the end of this year.

Go if you: Are old enough to remember that song they did for the Mr. Bean movie.

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Mike Shinoda (Aug 22)

Who is he: The Linkin Park rapper-singer went full-scale solo and launched his debut album Post Traumatic… which is so named for obvious reasons. But the music must go on, and the man’s taking his own Linkin Park-lite tunes across the world.

Go if you: Want a taste of Linkin Park post-Chester Bennington (RIP).

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Kamasi Washington (Aug 23)

Who is he: Only one of the best modern jazz composers around right now. The Los Angeles-based saxophonist has performed and collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, John Legend and many more, but he holds his own with triumphant jazz epics, and we’ll finally get to experience the majesty IRL at a fitting venue: The Capitol Theatre.

Go if you: Dig the new jazz sound that’s faithful to its roots while also incorporating funk and hip-hop.

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Vancouver Sleep Clinic (Aug 24)

What is it: Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s music is described to be “the love child between Bon Iver and Sigur Ros,” with some hip-hop beats thrown in. Nuff’ said.

Go if you’re: Looking for a vibin’ night with some ambient chill.

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Chance the Rapper (Aug 25)

Who is he: Chance — real name Chancelor Jonathan Bennett — is a rapper, FYI. As one of the hottest rapper-singer in the game right now, you owe yourself to watch the Grammy-award winning artist whose tunes are even enjoyed thoroughly by the Obama family.

Go if you’re: Into wholesome rap tunes that happen to be very Christian as well.

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Tiny Moving Parts (Sep 1)

Who are they: Math rock trio Tiny Moving Parts are awesome dudes who happen to be really good at soaring choruses, technical guitar riffs and gut-punching hooks — it’s impossible to not sing along.

Go if you’re: Emo, but like to party too.

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TROPOS 6.0 featuring tide/edit & Sound Architects (Sep 1)

What is it: It’s a gig that has two of the top instrumental rock bands the Philippines has to offer. tide/edit offer technical yet emotional math compositions (very much like Japanese legends toe), while Sound Architects deliver on the deeper, atmospheric side of things.

Go if you’re: A fan of post-rock and want to check out the Filipino music scene.

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Movements (Sep 5)

Who are they: A relatively new post-hardcore outfit who’re greatly influenced by the new wave of emotive alternative rock like Title Fight, Turnover and Citizen.

Go if you: Like to mosh as much as you like feeling the emosh.

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Music Matters Live (Sep 7-12)

What is it: A Baybeats Festival for older people, pretty much. It’s five nights of live music across Clarke Quay featuring dozens of artists from across Southeast Asia, as a bookend to the All That Matters entertainment industry conference in Singapore.

Go if you: Just happen to be near Clarke Quay anytime during the festival period.

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Tiffany & Debbie Gibson (Sep 8)

Who are they: The Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera of the ‘80s. The pop princesses of yore are teaming up for one-night of nostalgic hits that isn’t at all a money grab opportunity.

Go if you: Are old enough to remember dancing along (carefully, so your mullet doesn’t get messed up) to their songs.

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Giraffage (Sep 8)

Who is he: Giraffage is the stage name of Charlie Yin, the producer of highly vibrant electronic tunes that combine R&B, ambient, and J-pop via dreamy samples, chopped vocals and dank beats.

Go if you: Like your dance sessions with some intellectual heft.

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Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2018 (Sep 14-16)

What is it: No need to be a fan of Formula 1 here — the annual concerts at The Padang attract names big enough for you to make your way through the crowded, blocked off streets of Marina Bay. Jay Chou, The Killers, Liam Gallagher, Dua Lipa and a lot more are coming for that wide mass appeal.

Go if you’re: An enthusiast of racing cars and/or mainstream music.

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TOPS (Sep 15)

Who are they: Sugary indie pop still exists, and Montréal band TOPS are keeping the warm, vintage twee alive. You know what to expect — catchy guitar melodies, rose-tinted aesthetics, and mad chill vibes.

Go if you: Miss the indietronica sounds that defined your burgeoning hipster years.

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And So I Watch You From Afar (Sep 22)

Who are they: Fiery, groovy and infectiously fun to watch live, this Irish instrumental rock quartet is very much alive and kicking nine years since their debut record. If their last show here four years ago is any indication of what’s to come, it’s gonna be one hell of a high-energy night once again.

Go if you: Set guitars to kill.

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