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Regirock Raid Boss guide: best counters, perfect IV, minimum players

(Source: pokemongohub.net)

Regirock raid is a level 5 Legendary Raid boss in Pokémon GO, with 41777 Raid Boss CP, a pure Rock typing and interesting moves. This page describes best Regirock counters in Pokemon GO, fight strategy, ranks Regirock moves and provides a Regirock raid IV / CP chart

Regirock max capture combat power is as follows:

  • 1764 CP at L20, perfect IVs
  • 2205 CP in

    Partly Cloudy

    weather at L25, perfect IV Regirock

In this guide, you will learn which counters are best suited against the Legendary Pokémon, Regirock. You need a minimum of 4 players for Regirock (with strong Machamps and Kyogres), but our recommendation is to go with around 5-7 trainers.

More Info: pokemongohub.net

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