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Museums Are Boring AF. So We Asked 7 Strangers Why They Were There.

(Source: ricemedia.co)

Photography by Alvin Ng , unless otherwise stated.

It’s no secret that I like to do things alone. As someone with very little patience for other people’s schedules to align with mine, I end up doing a ton of things by myself simply because I feel like it in the moment.

Secretly, I relish my time alone because it also lets me partake in another favourite pastime of mine: talking to strangers.

And one of the most convenient places to do this is in a museum.

I admit museums are not for everyone. Personally, I usually just use them as a retreat from Singapore’s murderous weather. Yet there is something about the design of a museum’s space that provides an escape into another world, setting the mood for unexpected conversations with fellow visitors.

This is how I find myself killing time at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) on a particularly dull Saturday afternoon before dinner with friends.

Rule number one of communicating with strangers, I quickly learn: people are always more likely to open up if you first tell them about yourself.

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