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What Happens When Shitposters Come Together?

(Source: ricemedia.co)

However, not all members choose to hide behind fake names or characters.

Yusri “Shaggy” Sapari is a 29 year-old documentary film producer who spends a good amount of time each day browsing SSC.

“I have a rule about my online persona. If I don’t have the balls to say something and be accountable for it, I better not say.”

Prior to the existence of SSC, Yusri was still an exponent of shitposting, albeit on a smaller scale. He tells me about how he had to learn to restrain himself from giving his two cents on hot-button issues, and carve an opinion that would be more palatable to his friends.

But he could not stand doing what he saw as insincere.

“Most of the time, people wanna maintain their curated online images and they didn’t appreciate me breaking the illusion they wanna put up for their “audiences”,” Yusri said, with regards to his unfiltered comments on his friends’ posts.

This has led to the usually opinionated Yusri losing a fair number of Facebook friends.

“I used to feel sad about it but these days I laugh it off. The world is getting more polarising and if people just wanna keep to their little safe spaces, so be it.”

For Yusri, SSC is a haven.

“I check the page every time I open Facebook. I guess I have an obsessive personality,” he tells me.

“We PM each other a lot on chat groups outside of Facebook as well.”

Discord, a voice chat application that can host big groups of people, is their platform of choice. In fact, when I checked out their Discord channel at 3am on Sunday morning, there were still 30 members chatting online.

“I love speaking with people who are able to have honest and sincere conversations, especially about difficult topics,” Yusri added.

The chat was also used to host their very first podcast where they discussed the NDP on National Day. For a page that is not moderated heavily, SSC’s admin admits that the social aspect has taken him by surprise.

“I did not expect it to blossom like this. It only started out as a place to discuss anything and for people to submit memes,” the admin says.

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