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I Ate ‘Cai Fan’ Everyday For A Month to Save Money

(Source: ricemedia.co)

Week 3

To get me pumped for this week, a colleague pointed me to a beautiful Reddit thread. There, I found people passionate about locating the best cai fan in Singapore. It might have been that my vegetable challenge was finally over, but I felt emotional scrolling through the thread. People who are deeply invested in getting the most out of every cai fan meal are my kind of people.

I was inspired.

Hence, this week I sought to eat just two dishes per meal. It seemed like an effective way to save money—and it was, until it became another glorious failure.

Not only was my willpower not strong enough to resist the other dishes so readily available, I also didn’t save a significant amount of money by cutting down on one to two dishes. Because I could only eat two dishes, I had the tendency to pick the more filling ones, such as chicken cutlet or fish. These were dishes that usually cost the same total as two vegetables.

Then there were days when I would eat a much more filling lunch and skip dinner. Food wasn’t pleasurable anymore, it was just for sheer sustenance.

Without mealtimes occupying my mind, I was now completely free to ponder other things. Like what differentiates a good cai fan stall from a great one. (It’s the ratio of meat to flour in their sweet and sour fish.)

At this point, I also had eaten more MSG within the last two weeks than I had in my entire life.

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