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How a Simple Google Strategy Could Help Save Twitter from Itself

(Source: www.inc.com)

And then there’s the edit button, or lack their of:

I wanted to wage a fruitless, years-long campaign for editable tweets

— Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton) August 1, 2018

The problem is that tweets are a thing of record. It has been abused, and many people have paid now for past tweets. Editing tweets after the fact, though, can be just as ingenious:


Unpopular Opinion: I’m anti-Twitter edit button. I don’t want to like/RT anything you guys can change later. Also, learning how to go on living even though I tweeted a typo has taught me how to be strong & brave. It has truly given me a testimony about what it means to overcome.

— Akilah Green (@akilahgreen) July 6, 2018

A simple solution

Twitter should take a page out of Gmail. Here’s how I explained it earlier this year:

GMail gives you up to 30 seconds to stop the just-sent email from going.

Really simple. In other words, create a gap between when you tweet and when it goes live. As I shared in the previous Inc. column, Google, Microsoft and other email providers give this option – usually up to five minutes.

It also satisfies the different needs:

  • It keeps the integrity of the original tweet for future discussion
  • It gives leniency for grammatical or factual errors immediately noticeable by the poster
  • It prevents the poster from having to delete, then repost when they want to create a minor change

Will this idea suddenly turn Twitter away from being a potential political cesspool to a perfect Silicon Valley platform? Definitely not, but it would be a wonderful hat tip to its current users which Twitter really, really needs to keep happy.

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