‘Rich Kid Of Singapore’ Stirs Up Drama With Website For Posting Photos Without Consent

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Dhillon Lee, a socialite, and one of the ” Rich Kids of Singapore ” has called out website Pictame.com for allegedly using his photos without permission.

Dhillon Lee calls out Pictame.com for profiting off his photos

In an Instagram story, Lee wrote, “Pictame.com has been publishing your Instagram images onto their website to increase traffic and profit off Google Adsense.”

He also uploaded a screenshot of the website analysis that shows just how much money Pictame.com is making off their photos.

Dhillon Lee

The screenshot shows that the website earns US$4296 per day and has a net worth of US$4,639,680. The site has been up for only about a year.

He also threatened legal action if the website doesn’t take down his photos on their platform.

Pictame.com is a third-party Instagram posts viewer that takes photos from Instagram and publishes it on their site. According to Lee, it earns money by taking photos off Instagram, uploading it on their site, and then using Google Adsense to earn a profit.

Other social media users have also called out the site

In addition to Dhillon Lee, a number of users have also called out Pictame.com for using their photos without their permission.

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