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Go Fest Box Analysis: honestly, it’s a decent deal

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With this week’s Go Fest event, we actually got a set of boxes with some raid passes in them! They, of course, come with a lot of other junk things too, so let us take a good look at what is in the boxes!

ItemSpecialGreatUltraEgg Incubator1Super Egg Incubator39Pinap Berries10Ultra Balls20Premium Pass4612Star Piece69Lucky Egg9AnalysisSpecialGreatUltraSale Price4807801480Estimated Actual Price55015004170% Saved12%48%64.5%

Overall we are not entirely impressed with the boxes, as the hype for the Alolan eggs has gone down and we are focused more on the need for raid passes for the upcoming ‘new raid bosses’ hinted for this weekend, Lugia’s return, and Zapdos Day next weekend! We do not need this many egg incubators anymore, but at least they did include some raid passes in this recent box set.

If raid passes are really your priority, buying them individually would get you an extra one or two passes when you get into the Great and Ultra box, but we would not recommend that with how much extra stuff is in these boxes. The Ultra Box is a decent deal if you need the raid passes, the incubators (might as well start hatching those Alolan rats to trade for distance again, maybe get lucky with a Vulpix), lucky eggs and star pieces to burn during Zapdos Day or Community Day (which is triple stardust this time)!

None of these boxes are ground breaking, but that concludes our box analysis for this time around! Are you going to buy any one of these boxes or are you gonna take a rain check on these ones? For help on hoarding coins for future boxes, you can reference the guide here on coin hoarding!! Good luck everyone, happy gymming.

More Info: pokemongohub.net

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