A Subway Employee Called 911 on a Black Family Using the Bathroom. What the Owner Did Next Is Exactly Right

(Source: www.inc.com)

First, the officer who arrived on the scene quickly sized up the situation and apologized to the Dobsons for disturbing them. That’s the kind of intelligent response we don’t always see from the police in racial profiling situations. At the Philadelphia Starbucks, the police arrested the two men for allegedly trespassing. In another incident at Yale University, a white student called the police because a black student was napping in her own dorm’s common room. No arrest was made, but the police questioned the black student at length. In both those cases, video of the interactions with police quickly went viral. This time, the police officer on the scene treated the Dobsons reasonably and respectfully, so there was no video to go viral. 

More Info: www.inc.com

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