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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Geek Dads

(Source: www.inc.com)

It sounds really conceited to say that I am known for being an original gift-giver and have Father’s Day covered with cool and very personal gifts. But it’s not because I am especially gifted at it. It’s because I am skilled in eyeing original product ideas and continually researching. So I thought that in today’s article, I would share with you the way I get gift and new product ideas and my list of techy twists on gift ideas for Dad.

Here’s my process guide for turning shopping into a science with valuable product market research that will make your new products more competitive and sell through faster:

Gather all year round: We gather data and images year round in store and online so that we can track what’s trending in the product categories and in the product lines as well. Evaluating products during a seasonal event, like looking at Neck Tie sales during Father’s Day, gives a false sense of viability and trend. It is not an indicator of high desire and shopper value.

Consider more than the price: Knowing the return policy, product quality expectations and test standards of the various retailers helps make better competitive comparisons. It is not just about getting the best price – you have to be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Insider knowledge helps you avoid the lure of a false deal between different retailers. 

Planning gift purchases: Researching and planning are the keys to reducing overspending by impulse shopping. Always the list maker, I am constantly on the lookout to fill the gift list in my head and on my Amazon Wishlist. Planning ahead not only cuts down on any holiday stress but it allows me to find more original gift ideas like these.

Lego Dad – Turn Dad into a Lego mini-figure like these from Funky3dfaces and have your kids build him a castle and record a mini movie where he saves the day. 

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