‘Shop Contest: Assassins Vs Templars Forever, Winners!

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We know that the lovable Assassins are going to go on an odyssey, so I asked all of you excellent image editors to show me where this game series should go next.

The pitch of the Assassin’s Creed series is that Assassins and Templars can be anywhere. As long as someone wants to control someone else, the ideas that animate the two factions will make themselves known. They could clash at any place or in any time, and pushing that beyond the boundary of reasonable game design is the massive benefit of a ‘Shop Contest.

Our winner this week is Thoregon with this wonderful rendition of the conflicts of the Assassin’s Creed series taking place in the hellscape of Andy’s bedroom. I can’t decide if I think that Woody or Buzz is the Templar leader, though. They both seem like viable candidates. Mr. Potatohead is canonically an Assassin.

The honorable mentions this week are also all excellent, and I encourage you to go back to the original post to see all the entries.

RetroBoogie knows that the best witchers work in partners, but it’s hard to figure out how to split the earnings.

Frank Hackett understands that the Planet of the Apes franchise is about the tense relationship between freedom and control, liberty and safety, and apes and human beings. I mean, honestly, those movies are basically Assassin’s Creed stories already.

sciteach asks us to wonder about what that hidden blade is for.

Araisikewai has given us the simplest expression of Assassins vs Templars ideology that you could ask for.

Bob hit us with the rare triple threat of great ‘shops, so I had to include them all. Of course there are Assassins in Wakanda! Of course Cappy would help an Assassin bring liberty to the Mushroom Kingdom. OF COURSE Assassins would infiltrate the educational system of Sesame Street to fight the Templars on public television. It all makes sense!

cecil_banon gives us the A Team. The Assassin Team. Do you get it? Do you?

Martin Sebastian Rodriguez shows us the dual face of the Viking Assassin. In one hand, a big ole axe. In the other hand, a hidden blade. You have to make sure you can approach a situation from a lot of angles.

DeZaruu gives us what we’re all thinking. There’s a full 30% chance this appears at E3, right?

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