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‘Older Version of Lil Tay’ Exposed for Being a Racist, Fetishizing Black Men

(Source: nextshark.com)

One Asian social media star, who has been dubbed an older version of Lil Tay, is taking the Internet by storm for all the wrong reasons.

While she has frequently changed her social media handle several times, she now goes by the name lilchina2k and CocoChina on Instagram where she posts a plethora of risqué photos and twerking videos.

I am a fucking Chinese barbie @worldstar #nickiminaj #blacchyna

A post shared by CoCoChInA_❤ (@lilchina2k) on Oct 3, 2017 at 3:25pm PDT


A post shared by CoCoChInA_❤ (@lilchina2k) on Oct 3, 2017 at 6:31pm PDT

She tried twerking on WorldStarHipHop with another Internet personality, Victoria Waldrip, aka Woahhvicky, aka the girl who thinks she’s Black.

Coco also seemed to be friends with Lil Tay before she went off in a post insulting the 9-year-old Instagrammer’s mother.

What’s even more concerning is that she has been exposed as a racist despite her fetish for Black men.

A Tumblr page called China2KExposed and Instagram fan page CocoChinaTea have shared several screenshots of her fetishization of Black men and her thoughts on Black people in general.

Coco has also been accused of paying for sex and other salacious services and allegedly using American men in order to gain a green card.

She lost a few followers after sharing her political views and calling Senator Bernie Sanders a “bitch.”

: Yesterday Coco shared her political views. Bullying is not acceptable on any levels especially to someone who has been suicidal. Here , in the US , everyone is entitled to their opinions – nobody should be bullied/peer-pressured into certain beliefs just bc you don`t agree with their choices [11/10/17]

A post shared by (@cocochinatea) on Nov 10, 2017 at 2:52am PST

Coco has also targeted Indians, saying that they do not qualify as “Asian” despite being a country in South Asia.

Feature image via Tumblr /(Left): china2kexposed | Instagram /(Right): lilchina2k

More Info: nextshark.com

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