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Ho-Oh Raid Boss Guide: counters, weather boost, catch rate

(Source: pokemongohub.net)

Ho-Oh Raid Counters Explained

Ho-Oh has mostly the same counters like Moltres, as they have the same type combination. However, Ho-Oh has access to Solar Beam, which makes it quite dangerous not to dodge with Rock and Water attackers.

Omastar used to be top dog when it came to fighting HO-Oh and Moltres, however it has been dethroned. It can still be used however, as it can counter it with great typing and great moves. Other great Rock types to use in the fight against Ho-Oh is Golem with Rock Throw / Stone Edge move set and Tyranitar with a Bite/Stone Edge move set.

Zapdos and Raikou are also great as Ho-Oh raid counters. They offer strong DPS and utilize electric moves to be achieve advantage over Ho-Oh, but they are a bit squishy.

Kyogre is one of the best Water type attackers in the game, so utilize it well! Just don’t take it to a Solar Beam fight.

Rayquaza is one of the top tier attackers with amazing DPS and very few deaths. It makes an amazing counter for Solar Beam Ho-Oh, as it will double resist the devastating charge move.

Please, be very careful of Solar Beam Ho-Oh! It’s completely devastating for Rock and Water types, especially to Golem (low HP) and Omastar (double weakness). Think of it in the same way you think about Hydro Pump Lugia. Scary, isn’t it? 👻

Ho-Oh can have the following moves:

  • Steel Wing (quick)


  • Extrasensory (quick)


  • Brave Bird (charged)


  • Fire Blast (charged)


  • Solar Beam (charged)


Weather Influence on Ho-Oh

Partly Cloudy weather will be your best friend, along with Rainy weather! Sunny weather might cause a few issues, and take a lot more effort to beat, with it boosting both Solar Beam (*screaming*) and Fire Blast! But enough talk, here is a chart to help you see what weather would be optimal for battling the great Ho-Oh!





Boosts its Fire Blast and Solar Beam attacks

Partly Cloudy

Boosts all


type move


No pros nor cons


Boosts all super effective




type moves


Boosts its Extrasensory and Brave Bird attack


No pros nor cons


Boosts its Steel Wing attack

More Info: pokemongohub.net

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