There’s something very inappropriate and morbid in the Meghan and Harry movie


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Nobody expected a movie about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story to be in any way realistic.

The royals are extremely strict when it comes to their privacy, so there probably wasn’t much chance of the couple sitting down and sharing the intimate details of their relationship.

But that didn’t stop the creative minds behind Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance, and they put together a version of their love story – including a first kiss, a sex scene, an-almost break-up and not one but two wedding proposals.

Obviously we don’t actually know exactly what’s real and what’s set up to make a juicy movie, but there are a few bits we know aren’t true.

(Image: TVLine/Youtube)

Prince Charles didn’t meet Meghan for the first time at Pippa Middleton’s wedding and the couple didn’t go to Botswana on the second date, but it was very early in their relationship.

But there’s one part of the film we really hope isn’t true.

In the movie Harry, played by Murray Fraser, and Meghan, played by Parisa Fitz-Henley, have an inside joke which they refer to throughout.

It starts on their first date, when Harry’s driver comes in to ‘save him’ from an awkward date but is sent on his way because the prince is clearly smitten.

Meghan then uses him to let Harry know it’s really her after she runs through the airport to stop his plane (totally realistically, obviously).

The joke is about London Bridge falling down, which might seem a bit odd anyway but there’s actually a very morbid meaning behind it.

London Bridge is Down is the code for when the Queen dies .

Operation London Bridge is the plan which will be put into motion when her majesty passes passes away, and she will be referred to as London Bridge by all civil servants to keep details secret.

(Image: AFP)

Of course, it might be true – but it seems very unlikely and we really hope it’s not.

Despite the obviously enhanced moments, there are some parts of the film we really hope are true – including that Prince William has a World’s Best Dad mug.

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