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Thai Model Who Posed Nude for Coffee Shop Under Fire for Exposing Herself at McDonald’s

(Source: nextshark.com)

Minggomut “Maming” Kongsawas, a Thai model who caused a ruckus online for posing in a nude photo shoot at a coffee shop is back in the spotlight — this time for lifting her skirt at a McDonald’s branch in Thailand.

The photos were first posted on the Thai Facebook page Hasas.Official, Sanook reported.

It shows Mingomut lifting her skirt and exposing her panties both inside and outside the McDonald’s branch in Thailand. However, it turns out that the company did not exactly like the “free publicity.”

McDonald’s Thailand was not in on this incident. From our investigation, we suspected that the photos were taken in 2017, but has just been shared publicly. However, her action affects the reputation and image of McDonald’s,” the company wrote in a statement on Facebook in Thai, as translated by Coconuts Bangkok.

The company is gathering information and will prosecute the model and the people who posted and shared the images,” the company wrote.

Minggomut, who has more than 650,000 followers on Facebook, has yet to comment on her photos at McDonald’s Thailand.

Featured Image via Facebook / loveddbkk

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