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IKEA Asked Kids to Bully a Plant for 30 Days, and the Results Are, as the Swedes Say, Upprörande

(Source: didyouknowfacts.com)

In order to raise awareness about Anti-Bullying Day on May 4th, IKEA UAE conducted a truly unique experiment. They took two identical plants and placed them in a local school.

Both plants were cared for in the same way. They both had the same water, sunlight, and fertilizers. Their conditions were entirely the same except for one single notable exception – students were encouraged to pay regular compliments to one plant and to relentlessly bully the other.

After 30 days, the results were pretty clear. While the complimented plant thrived, the bullied plant showed significant signs of struggle with discolored, drooping leaves.

Ever wonder just how damaging bullying can be? What if you bullied a plant nonstop for a whole month?

IKEA decided to test this out as part of its campaign to raise awareness about Anti-Bullying Day on May 4th in the Middle East.

The experiment placed two identical plants in a local school.

One plant was given words of encouragement and compliments on a regular basis.

The other plant was verbally bullied with mean, hateful words.

Other than the type of words they were exposed to, the plants were treated exactly alike.

They both received equal amounts of water, sunlight, and fertilizers.

The final results are stunning.

Check out the video below to see the full experiment.

Viewers on YouTube had a lot to say about it.

It just goes to show how much power our words can have. I mean, if hurtful words can do this much damage to a plant, just imagine what they do to a person.

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