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Samsung ad compares brand new S9 with iPhone 6 to mock performance throttling [Video]

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Samsung has a history of ads that mock Apple products or customers, and its latest ad for the company’s Galaxy S9 is no exception …


In a clear dig at the performance throttling issue, Samsung presents the S9 as a super-fast device while portraying the iPhone 6 as visibly slow.

It’s a pretty ridiculous ad, as CNET notes. It not only compares a 2018 Samsung phone with a 2014 iPhone, but the performance throttling is stupidly exaggerated. Certainly for the type of activities shown, there would be no discernible lag – and you definitely wouldn’t be waiting for something like a boarding pass to load in the Wallet app.

Earlier Samsung ads have mocked the iPhone X notch and headphone dongle, Apple’s belated decision to embrace larger screens, battery life, lack of waterproofing, and line-sitting customers.

Samsung is unapologetic about its Apple-hating campaigns, describing them two years ago as ‘relevant, bold and right.’ It is also not above copying Apple’s own ad campaigns.

Check out the latest ad below.

More Info: 9to5mac.com

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