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Meet Bae Yoo Jin, The Nigerian-Korean Model Breaking Barriers in South Korea

(Source: nextshark.com)

A new Nigerian-Korean model is capturing hearts in South Korea.

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Born to a Nigerian father and Korean mother, the 17-year-old stunner named Bae Yoo Jin has gained fans since she made her modeling debut last year.


잘먹겠습니다 스벅😆

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South Korean netizens have been raving about her strikingly gorgeous features online.

She is the second black-skinned talent to ever walk the local catwalks in South Korea after male model Han Hyun Min, who made headlines after successfully breaking into the country’s fashion scene last year.

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While some have made reference to her being the female version of Han, Bae certainly has what it takes to carve her own successful path.

Signed under SHSModel (Shinhwasa) Management, Bae has appeared in multiple local fashion shows. She is also prominently featured in the modeling agency’s website. 

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Judging by her early works as featured in her professional shots, Bae definitely has a bright future ahead in the South Korean entertainment and modeling industry.

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Featured Image via Instagram / bae_0430

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