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Kim Tae Ri’s the new face of FlowerByKenzo: 12 things you need to know about her

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Kim Tae Ri

Photo: kimtaeri_1 / Instagram

Earlier this year, she topped the entertainment category of Forbes Korea’s 2030 Power Leaders list. Soon, she’ll be seen on TV in the hotly-anticipated K-serial Mr Sunshine opposite Lee Byung Hun, one of Korea’s A-list leading men. 

South Korean actress Kim Tae Ri is the new face for Kenzo’s signature fragrance, Flower By Kenzo. Following in the footsteps of Shu Qi and Ming Xi as the line’s famous faces, we predict she’ll soon be a big name.




Where does the up and coming ‘It’ girl like to go for the best BBQ beef in Seoul, what is her daily beauty routine like and what’s in her makeup bag? She spills the beans…


Best place for a Western meal in Seoul…

The Sam Cheong Dong district north of the river is very trendy area with interesting little shops and restaurants, but it’s an older part of Seoul with a traditional feel to it. So to have Western food in that kind of traditional setting is a very nice experience.


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Best joint for BBQ beef in Seoul…

A restaurant called Won-gang in the Nonhyeon-dong area of Gangnam. They serve their beef the traditional Korean way but the meat is very juicy and tender.


Favourite alcoholic drink…

I’m really a beer girl, especially Pilsner. I’ve only just started discovering wine, so I can’t say I’m a wine connoisseur. My favourite drinking spot is home with friends.


Most visited websites…

Film review blogs, because I’m curious to know what people think about certain films. And there are some bloggers I trust when it comes to film recommendations. If they say a film is good, I’d like to know why they think so. I mostly read these blogs for leisure, not as work research, because I love films.


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Must-have items in her bag…

A pen, a notebook and lipbalm. I have a different notebook for different projects that I’m working on so that I can take notes every day. Outside of work I also carry a journal, not so much because I make daily entries but because it’s become a habit.  


The last movie that moved me…

1987: When The Day Comes. Not because I’m in it but because I was curious about what the finished film is like and I enjoyed watching it as part of the audience. 


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Samsung, LG or Apple?

I use Apple out of habit. 


Most-played songs on my playlist now…

“Paul” by a Korean band called Hyukoh.  And also songs by this indie band called Geomjeong Chima, which translates to Blackskirt in English.


Favourite K-pop band…

Big Bang. I just love them and I really enjoy their songs as they make me happy every time I listen to them. 


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Current reads…

I just finished this book called “Ji-young Kim: Born In 1982”. Ji-young is a very typical name for Korean girls born around that time. This book has really opened up public discussion on the issue of living as a woman in modern Korean society. It’s a very easy read so I went through it very quickly, but this really changed previous ideas that I had about things I took as given. It made me raise questions about my assumptions.


Last holiday was to…

England, around the start of winter later year. I was with a friend and we visited a village in Cotswold. I’m taking English lessons from an Englishman and he recommended this place. 


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Daily beauty routine…

I must have tinted lip balm with me as my lips don’t have much colour. After cleansing, I use toner to give my face a thorough wipe, followed by an essence, moisturiser and sunscreen if it’s day. Just the basics – I like to keep things simple. 



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