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Goondu review: Honor 9 Lite looks good for its price

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

If you want to see how far your dollar can stretch when it comes to buying a budget smartphone, look no further than the Honor 9 Lite. 

If I hadn’t told you it costs S$259, you’d be surprised that modest amount can get you flagship-like design and a more-than-competent engine under the sleek finish.

First, a little about Honor for folks in Singapore who are not familiar with it. It’s essentially a Huawei brand that has grown so big that its phones are now sold independently by its own resellers around the world.

If you’ve liked the mirror finish in recent Huawei phones, then the Honor 9 Lite will be welcome as well. The sharp blue finish on the phone is smart yet practical.

Yes, there are fingerprint marks but not as bad as on many others (the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, I’m looking at you). Just make sure you don’t keep it in the same pocket as your keys – it scratches easily, I can tell from experience.

If you’re looking for a cost-friendly phone, you can hardly go wrong with the Honor 9 Lite. For most everyday uses, other than demanding games, you’d be happy with what the phone can do. Plus, it has good looks to match.

The Honor 10, to be unveiled today, will gain even more traction for the Chinese company. Meanwhile, the 9 Lite will delight those seeking a good bargain in a phone.


More Info: www.techgoondu.com

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