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If You Want A New Job, Here Is What You Have To Do Right Now Before The Summer Slowdown Hits

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Spring is a special time to start your job search. The sun is shining, flowers sprout and the sad, naked trees are adorned in leaves again. It’s a time of rebirth and renewed energy. The general mood improves as winter is over. People feel happier and the air is full of possibilities and potential. This is the perfect setting for embarking upon a job search.

We have a narrow—but active­—window of time from right now until about the Fourth of July to interview. There is a precious and small amount of time left. You will need to act fast because as soon as we enter July, people start taking their vacations, which wreaks havoc on the interviewing process. The human resource professional leading the search takes off for two weeks. Upon her return, the hiring manager is out of the office and can be found on the beach. When she is back, you probably have your family vacation planned. Even when people are in the office, there is a noticeable lack of energy and enthusiasm; employers’ thoughts are elsewhere and not focused on hiring. Once we hit August, most corporate offices become ghost towns, as employees are taking their last gasp of vacation time.

To help you get into high gear, here is what you need to do right now:

Once you’ve determined that you desire a new job, you’ve got to go after it with drive and determination. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you—not even a round of golf with your buddies or the temptation to sneak away to the Hamptons, Jersey Shore or Disneyland.

It may sound crass, but you have to sell yourself in the interview process. You can’t rely solely on your resume and background. Start by preparing an elevator pitch for the interview. An elevator pitch, if you are not familiar with concept, is a quick, two-minute-or-so sales pitch of who you are, why your background is perfect for the job, how your skills will enable you to succeed in the job that you are applying for and how you will make the hiring manager’s life easier.

Have you ever noticed that things sound brilliant in your head, but once you say it aloud to someone for the first time, it can sound pretty dreadful? Practice your pitch out loud to a spouse, friend, the mirror, your dog or goldfish. The more you practice, the better it will sound when you go into the interview. Also, knowing you possess a powerful elevator pitch will instill you with confidence, which will make you perform extraordinarily well.

Spend some time to write or update your résumé tailored to the specific job and enhance your LinkedIn profile.  Seek out and set up meetings with recruiters in your field of expertise. Attend industry conferences and strike up conversations with people who can help you advance your career. Get in touch with friends, family, old college buddies, coworkers and former associates to obtain job leads and contacts.  Search for relevant jobs on job aggregation sites, such as Indeed.com, job boards that specialize in your expertise, Google for Jobs and LinkedIn.

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