Current Affairs replaces Jobs Bank as landing page for jobseekers


The new portal for jobseekers will focus on identifying jobs that are relevant to their skills; Jobs Bank will continue its role for employers to list job offers.

SINGAPORE: A new Government job-matching portal,, was launched on Tuesday (Apr 17) and it will replace Jobs Bank as the landing page for jobseekers. will provide a more advanced search function for jobseekers which includes a feature that shows a percentage score of the skills match between a jobseeker and a job, and the number of applications a job posting has received. 

It also shows adjacent jobs that require similar skills that jobseekers may not have considered before to reduce missed matches. 

Using machine learning and text analysis, the portal picks up keywords as skills from multiple sources of ad postings of the same job. An upcoming feature which will be implemented later this year will allow employers to indicate core skills needed for each role. 

Users can also use filters to only search for employers participating in government support programmes that, for example, support mature workers or those without relevant experience. 

These include programmes such as Career Trial, Professional Conversion Programme and Career Support Programme that provide jobseekers and employers with employment support such as training and wage subsidies when the jobseeker lacks relevant experience for the role. 

However, employers will have to continue using Jobs Bank to post job offers as the feature for employers will only be ready at the end of the year. 

Following that, Jobs Bank will be phased out for both jobseekers and employers and will exist only as a jobs repository. 

Jobs posted on Jobs Bank will be synchronised real-time to 

The portal was announced earlier this year during Josephine Teo’s Committee of Supply speech. The portal went live in January this year and has had 280,000 visitors. 

Workforce Singapore (WSG) is running a week-long Adapt and Grow roadshow which showcases the new portal at Suntec City starting on Monday. 

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