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Air Busan crew apologises for calling passengers’ hairstyles rice cakes, broccoli: Report


South Korea’s low budget airline Air Busan landed itself in hot water after a flight attendant mocked passengers in an Instagram post on Saturday (Apr 14), reported the Korea Herald.

A flight attendant, whose identity was not revealed, uploaded a picture of passengers onboard a plane heading from Busan to Jeju Island on her Instagram account with a caption that read, “All same permed hair (feat. Omegi rice-cake 400 boxes)”.

Omegi rice cakes are a speciality of Jeju Island and a popular tourist souvenir.

The report also noted that colleagues of the flight attendant left comments like “looks like a broccoli farm”, “is this plane heading to China?” and “they are all ajumma (middle-aged women)”.

Shortly after the incident, the budget carrier posted an apology from the flight attendant in question on its official Instagram account.

“I was careless and thought a photo showing the back of the passengers does not violate the portrait rights,” she said in her apology on Tuesday, as translated by the Korea Herald.

She added that her behaviour is “inexcusable”. 

‘“I also apologise for uploading inappropriate text, making many people feel unpleasant,” she continued.

An official from Air Busan also added that the airline will take action against the inappropriate conduct and introduce ethics education for all its employees, said the Korea Herald.

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