These Typical Reactions to Online Vigilantism Show Who’s the Real CB


With a few of Marvel

s Avengers in town this week, Singapore

s online vigilantes sprung into action in no time when the next internet saga broke.

This time, a BMW driver had allegedly demanded a petrol station attendant pay for his petrol, which cost $135. He claimed that he had only asked for “$10 of fuel” but the attendant, an elderly man, filled up a full tank.

Hoping to earn a spot on the superhero team, our keyboard warriors donned their capes and took to cyberspace to mete out justice to this bully / scammer attempting to evade his petrol bill. It took less than a day for his name, address and Linkedin profile to circulate around the interwebs. There’s even a Facebook page set up to publicly shame the driver.

As with previous controversies online, Singaporeans had very emotionally charged responses that can be defined by a few categories. Here’s a list of the typical reactions to online vigilantism:

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