Facebook Page Calls for Boycott of Halal Food in Singapore


The Facebook page

s description lists a


which has shared extensively misleading and grossly inaccurate articles about halal certification that border on Islamophobia. Like on the Facebook page, comments that disprove or disagree with the website

s content are met with sharp rebukes and further falsehoods.

In a reply to a comment that the website was inciting hate, the admin replied: “We are not promoting hate at all. We are saying that we want a reasoned choice of what we buy and eat … In fact many people are following different religions which FORBID the consumption of halal meat and its bi-products which have been dedicated to a foreign idol – Allah. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs are forbidden by their religions to eat halal and are extremely offended by the fact that it is being sold to them by trickery, as it is not clearly labelled.

“We are not Followers of Islam, so we do not require halal certification and we certainly do not want to find out that we have been unwittingly paying for it. This is not hatred… in fact I suggest that the imposition of halal by stealth is an act of hatred and utter disrespect towards others that clearly do not require it.”

The website lists “Boycott HALAL” as its official Facebook page, which according to its description is based in the UK, and frequently cross-posts from the boycott pages in Singapore and Australia. It is likely that all three pages are run by the same person, considering the similar style of content and voice in the comments section.

The pages did not respond to our queries.

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