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Terry Crews Just Shared an Amazing Letter He Received From Old Spice, and It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence


A few months ago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and former professional NFL player Terry Crews made headlines when he brought sexual assault charges against high-powered Hollywood agent Adam Venit. (Crews claimed that Venit, who works for William Morris Endeavor and represents top clients such as Emma Stone, Adam Sandler, and Eddie Murphy, made a series of lewd gestures and then physically groped him at a party in 2016.)

Recently, though, prosecutors decided not to file charges against Venit. According to ABC, The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office confirmed that Venit “twice grabbed Crews by the groin, but because there was no contact with his skin, and no restraint involved, the allegations were not a felony.” The Los Angeles city attorney, who prosecutes misdemeanors, then stated that the statute of limitations for them to prosecute Venit had expired. (The alleged misconduct occurred in February 2016. Crews reported the incident in November 2017.)

Reports say Crews has also filed a lawsuit against Venit, indicating he’s not giving up the fight. Still, you might imagine how deflated Crews felt when he got the news from the city attorney.

But Crews just got a boost from an unexpected source: his employer.

That’s right, Old Spice and Proctor and Gamble, who have hired Crews to act in a number of commercials, sent the actor an amazing letter of encouragement:

“At it’s core, sexual misconduct is a lack of respect for another human being.”

Just received this wonderful letter of support from my friends and partners at @OldSpice and @ProcterGamble.

Thank you.
Just, thank you.

— terrycrews (@terrycrews) March 14, 2018

“Just received this wonderful letter of support from my friends and partners at @OldSpice and @ProcterGamble,” Crews tweeted.

“Thank you. Just, thank you.”

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to identify emotions, to recognize their powerful effects, and to use that information to inform and guide behavior. It includes the ability to influence–to evoke strong emotions in others, with a view to persuading or motivating them.

With this short letter, the folks at Old Spice and Procter and Gamble sent Crews a very powerful message. With just a few, well-chosen words, they provided strength and support. They let a valued member of their team know that there is no “statute of limitations” on disrespecting another person, and that no one should ever get a pass, no matter how much money they have or what position they hold.

But most importantly, this letter communicated a feeling. A feeling that says:

“Hey, Terry, we’ve got your back.”

Now, that is emotional intelligence at its finest.

Here’s the letter in full:

To our longtime friend Terry,

We at Old Spice and P&G are on your side and offer our support in any way we can as you continue to fight against sexual misconduct. In so many instances it is women who are seen as the only victims of these types of assaults as few men come forward to tell their story too. We hope that men take your lead and stand up to expose those who are taking advantage of their position to cause harm to others. We also believe that men need to take a step back and put an end to the culture that allows sexual assault to continue to be such a pervasive problem. At its core, sexual conduct is a lack of respect for another human being. We have nothing but respect for you, Terry, and we hope more people are empowered to come forward because of your courage.

Also, sexual assault should just stop. I mean, come on. Enough.


[signed by many]

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