How to disable the physical Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+


It’s no secret that Samsung has been really pushing for people to use its virtual assistant, Bixby, since launching with the Galaxy S8. One of the ways its done that is by including a physical button on the left side of the phone that can only be used to launch Bixby. Here’s how to disable the button all together on the Galaxy S9 and S9+

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Steps to disabling the physical Bixby button

  1. Bixby’s settings
  2. Enjoy

1. Bixby’s settings

After setting up your handset, you will likely be walked through a quick tutorial on how to use Bixby and shown all of its magical AI powers. While you can’t disable Bixby in its entirety, but you just keep accidentally hitting the Bixby button under the volume rocker, there’s a quick way to disable the button’s functionality.

Either single press on the button to be taken to Bixby Home or swipe in from the left side on the homescreen. From there, locate and tap on the gear icon at the very top of the interface. This should pop down a single option which allows you to disable the Bixby button. Just toggle that off, and the hardware button will now do nothing.

2. Enjoy

With the Bixby button disabled, you no longer have to worry about any accidental presses or clicks. Unfortunately, Samsung is pretty adamant that it does not like users remapping the button to launch other apps or processes. Here’s hoping the company changes its mind one day or a developer finds a new way to bypass the security measures.

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