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Service disruption along NSL on Wednesday morning and afternoon


Photo: Jeffery Tan Jian Wei’s post on TATA SMRT Facebook

After the train delay along EWL yesterday, another round of service disruption occurred Wednesday (14 Mar) morning and afternoon along the North South Line (NSL).

The transport operator, Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT) made no official announcement regarding the delay despite the Land Transport Authority’s requirement that train operators must informed commuters of any delay exceeding 10 minutes through mainstream and social media.

Alvin Lee informed on the slow train speed between Toa Payoh to Novena towards Marina South Pier in the morning on TATA SMRT Facebook:

Alvin Lee 8 hrs:

Take note, train travelling in slower speed between Toa Payoh to Novena towards Marina South Pier.

Another commuter, Jeffrey Tan confirmed the information on his post in the same Facebook, updating that SMRT Staff said that a train had to go back to Depot following another train failed earlier that also had to be moved to Depot:

Jeffery Tan Jian Wei5 hrs:

Train failure at Bartley towards Dhoby Ghaut/Marina Bay all passengers asked to alight from train. HAPPENING NOW!
Update: SMRT People tell one of the angry passenger that this train is going back to Depot. Appearantly another train failed earlier and also require to be moved back to Depot.

And this afternoon another train disruption happened again along the NSL, this time caused by signaling fault, according to other commuters’ post on TATA SMRT Facebook:

Ong Weijian 26 mins:

14/3/2018 @ 1530h Entire North South Line delay due to Signalling fault

Dante Yuxuan 27 mins:

Nsl signalling fault announcement playing at Bishan NSL

Passengers also complained about the delay with no announcement on Twitter:

train took ages to arrive. poor service. slow. @SMRT_Singapore

— Beagal (@BeagalHab) March 14, 2018

Wow. @SMRT_Singapore . Train has been here at Newton for the last close to 10mins and no announcement of delay or updates of why it’s slow?

— Muhd Alamin (@LaMeeen) March 14, 2018

Alex Ong tweeted that the train stopped at Bishan Station but did not open its doors before moving off; he also has notified the SMRT Staff at Somerset Station:

So the North-South Line MRT train I was on:
– stopped at Bishan station but didn’t open its doors before moving off
– now is stuck at Somerset station due to signalling fault


— Alex Ong • Eons Luna (@eXAKR) March 14, 2018

@SMRT_Singapore I already notified your staff at Somerset station about the train non-stopping at Bishan station; I also messaged your Snap-Rep service. It involves a train of which car 2626 is part of its consist.

— Alex Ong • Eons Luna (@eXAKR) March 14, 2018

Other commuters tweeted complains about the poor services, including the lack of air conditioning:

SMRT needs to step up their service yo, not fun being stuck at a station for 10mins

— nur_syafiqah (@_nsbmn) March 14, 2018

Smrt just get ur shit right ah we pay so fucking much for fares and ur service isn’t as apologetic as japan’s so what you do with the money you charge us

— letty (@wnnabilah) March 14, 2018

Dear SMRT, when your train is blowing hot air from the air conditioning vents, in the hot mid-afternoon, it means that the train needs to check on its air conditioning systems!

— Taz (@tashabakar) March 14, 2018

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