10 Actual Truly Legit Ways to Know Your Socio-economic Status


Just a day ago, Facebook user Ahmad Matin shared a screenshot of a page supposedly from the social studies textbook Complete Guide to O-Level Social Studies Vol 1, by Rowan Luc. In it, a binary, highly reductive analysis of socio-economic status (SES) was presented, centred largely around patterns of conspicuous consumption. According to Mothership at least, this study companion doesn’t bear the Ministry of Education’s stamp of approval.

Nonetheless, as we all know, and as the social studies textbook so accurately describes, there are really only two kinds of people in this world: those of higher SES and those of lower SES.

What it got wrong, however, was the indicators of higher and lower SES.

Based on our extremely extensive, thorough, and all-encompassing research which we did over the course of 7 hours of sleep, which is likely the same research methodology applied by the author of this textbook, we derived our own highly precise and true to life measurements of SES.

As follows:

Higher Socio-economic Status

Lower Socio-economic Status


Uses 3-ply tissue


Uses 2-ply tissue


Surfs forums like Reddit


Surfs forums like HardwareZone’s Eat Drink Man Woman


Says, “Switch off the fan”


Says, “Off the fan”


Orders fish when eating cai fan


Orders 2 veg 1 meat when eating cai fan


Applies for credit card when fresh out of uni


Holds on to student card for discounts when fresh out of uni


Pays for Premium Straits Times


Just reads the comments on ST’s Facebook


Does yoga to de-stress


Drinks alcohol to de-stress


Knows that Palais Renaissance is an up-scale shopping centre


Thinks that Palais Renaissance is an up-scale KTV


Uses an Apple iPhone


Uses Oppo A37


Typical Instagram bio: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Father, Son, Pottery Enthusiast, Sushi Connoisseur ✈️ SG / LDN / HKG


Typical Instagram bio: 4eva @Zack_beng_34’s xmm. I may sim kewt,
but if u cb me I wil cb u back hor, knn!

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