The most overrated movies by critics and audiences


By Jacob Osborn


Not to be confused with the overhyped movie—where expectations far outweigh the actual quality—the overrated movie is one that prompts a conspicuous divide in opinion between the experts and enthusiasts. However, don’t take that to mean the so-called experts get it right more than not. Indeed, for every critically acclaimed film that failed to enrapture an audience, there’s likewise a compelling box office smash that did absolutely nothing for the critics.

It’s therefore no wonder that determining the most overrated movies of all time is no easy task. What to a hardcore fanboy is a thrilling action sequence might be formulaic drivel over at The New Yorker. On the flip side, what a professional reviewer calls “eloquent drama” might be nothing but a pure snoozefest for the typical moviegoer. Which side does one choose when trying to figure out if a film is overrated?

When putting together our list, Stacker decided to take a look at boths side. First, we broke out the 25 movies where critics (as demonstrated by the Tomatometer) gave the film much higher marks than the audience. After that, we flipped the script, compiling 25 movies where it was the audience (as demonstrated by IMDB) rating the film noticeably higher than the critics. Which list is more accurate? Well, that’s for you to decide.

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