At Midnight in Golden Mile Tower, Girls and Ghosts Come Out to Play


Photography by the author.

I’m sipping beer at an izakaya in Golden Mile Tower, a place which has long been an enigma to me.

Most people may be familiar with the bigger Golden Mile Complex just a stone’s throw away, known for its plethora of Thai food restaurants. But the mysterious little cousin is much lesser known and is home to the weirdest juxtaposition of businesses.

On one hand there is the indie cinema The Projector, a popular haunt of millennials, and then there’s Rex Cinema which caters to a Tamil-speaking audience. On the other, there is a mix of Thai amulet shops, tattoo parlours, civil engineering companies, and a whole bunch of unnamed businesses.

It’s also a popular starting point for coach journeys to Kuala Lumpur. In fact, it might be the only thing that most Singaporeans know Golden Mile Tower for.

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