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No More Walls: 20 Beautiful Open Kitchens to Adopt for your BTO


HDB announced recently that new BTOs, starting with the ones that will be launched this month, will now only come with open kitchens. In previous BTOs, closed kitchens, where a wall is built to separate the kitchen from the rest of the flat, was still offered under the Optional Component Scheme. Now, if you want a closed kitchen, you will have to ask your contractor to build it for you.

If you don’t want to shell out extra cash for a concrete wall, consider adopting the open kitchen concept. Sure, there are potential disadvantages like your flat being enveloped in the smells and fumes of your cooking, but an open kitchen is great for opening up space in a small home. It’s also a good option if you entertain often, as this open layout lets you interact with guests even while you’re prepping food.

But perhaps the major plus point of open kitchens is that they are so darn pretty. Don’t believe us? Check out these gorgeous open kitchens:


1. Bright and breezy

Design: The Local Inn.terior

This one-wall kitchen ends with a breakfast counter that doubles as a visual divider between the cooking space and the rest of the home. Not only does the breakfast counter’s open space design allow plenty of legroom, it also helps to bring in light and ventilation to the kitchen.


2. Fresh and modern

Design: Waff

Flush to the wall, the counter in front is a hybrid between the island and the peninsula counter. This design gives you a galley layout, and is perfect for smaller kitchens where an island might take up too much space, and a L-shaped layout and peninsula counter might not be possible because a side of the wall is taken up by the entrance to the bomb shelter or the service yard.


3. Gilded age

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